Queens of the Night

by Xina Xurner

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Always Cuts me deep Letting go hurts Take it all away I am lost And still you’re here with me My angel of sorrow Stay with me Take me away Always This I pray Here I stand Nothing can save me A fractured abstraction My own destruction I am nothing I am the army I am the horde I lead the invasion I stand above any lord You can’t define My femme persuasion You can’t defy My femme destruction Dance in my ashes Blow wild with the wind Blinded by vision Your femme destruction
Death Rites 03:27
Now is the time to reap what you’ve sown, Though we have been denied and disowned. Rivers of life spill into oceans, Drown in the night. Every breath cries a new song, Begging for a new beginning, Ending, recreating, When you’re all alone, No one sheds a tear, No one hears you scream! I’ve been pushed to the limit My body’s just an image Trapped in a frame, Erase me from this page, Break up the frame, Make me disappear I see right through you, A constructed image, Your perfect body Pushed to the limits, The voice inside you, All she wants to do is scream! Waters of the psyche, waters of the soul, Liquify my body, flow into the ocean, Diffuse into the air, float into the sky, We die.
Release the flood of your desire. Strength is resistance, Free your existence That cries in the night Attention, Attention! Sisters! At night we rise And we become A single flame That lights the way Toward the destruction, The annihilation Of the patriarchy! At twilight it’s time To kill the king, Take back the streets, Take back the crown, They can’t stop us now, We are QUEENS! Kill the king of hypocrisy, superiority, conformity. Flood the streets, Claim every corner, Disrupt the order, Cross all borders, Kill the king, Take back the crown, Take back the streets, They can’t stop us now, We are queens!
Sexy Baby 02:33
Sexy baby’s back! Let’s play! I’ve got a surprise… Wanna see? I’m a sexy baby, I crap in my pants, I crap all of my pants when i do my sexy dance! Now dance with sexy baby! Wanna be my daddy? Take me home from the store, I’m a high-maintenance bitch But i’m generous with my shit Now dance with sexy baby! I’m a little goat, I eat cans from the trash, I eat all kinds of trash, then I eat some other trash, Cuz I’m a little goat. I’m a piece of meat, I know you fantasize-- Rotting on a hook, You can’t metabolize! Now dance like sexy maggots!
I am waiting for you, Dreaming the moment you tear me apart. I’m in the air around you, The infidel waiting to break your heart. I will blow you away. Haz me estremecer, Llámame por un nombre infiel. Ven enciendeme, Haz me cenizas, intentame. Intentame, intentame, intentame I’m waiting, I’m aching for death, Light the fire of this heavenly flesh. Try to pray for release, Try to break free from my heavenly chains. Try me, all of my body. Like a ghost who haunts you, I’m forever by your side! Haz me estremecer, Llámame por un nombre infiel. Ven enciendeme, Haz me cenizas, intentame. Intentame, intentame, intentame You can try me, strip me, cut me, rip me open, Then skin me, wear me, then swing me ‘round your body, I’m with you wherever you go.
Gentle 06:28
Pigs 02:26
Want a piece of it? Want a taste of it? Love the smell of it? I think I’m losing it, pig! Wanna grease me up? Wanna take a bite? Wanna lick my fat? I’m crispy! Have some, pig! Mmmmmm! Please don’t eat me, Let me live, Don’t kill me, What kind of life is this? Peel back my skin, Slice me all up, Chew on my thighs Covered in sauce I want to break, I want to smash, I want to fuck, insatiable lust, Fuck you pig! Who’s a little pig? You’re a little pig! They’re all pigs! Stuff it all in! Fucking fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you PIG!
I believe that i’m the baddest bitch that ever walked on this earth. You don’t. And that’s why you’re not. Hey Xina. Hey Sarah Gail. You know what? What? I’ve been thinking about some things. Oh, you mean these bitches talking shit? How did you know? Mmm, I dunno! Well you know what? I wanna know why these bitches are coming for me! It’s because they want all this body... Oh really? They want all of this, all of that, and they’re mad... Cuz they can’t have it! I see you looking at me, I can make you mine, Rub all up on me and i’ll make you shine! Like diamonds, I shit diamonds. I see you and your games, You’re all the same. Little puzzle pieces with different names. I know you want it, beg me to stay. But I won’t cuz...you’re nothing... Anyways! You’re nothing. I’m everything. I’m everything! Not worth this attention From all this perfection. Immaculate creation, Delicious revelation! I’m not the kind of girl you’re looking for, cuz I’ll rock your world, I can make you realize! I’m the baddest bitch! Move over! Keep moving! Try harder! Put your back into it! The femme plague of your dreams, Opulence beyond extremes, The venus excreted from your anus, And you’re blown away cuz you’re dust! UGH! You think now because you’ve stripped me of everything I own that I’m nothing?! Bitch, I may be broke, but I own everything! I am the sun and the moon and the stars in the sky, And the light in your eye that makes you realize You are one, I’m the sun, I’m everything you need, If you want to be with me then please Get on your knees and beg me baby please, You better serve me cuz i’m the one you need, I’ll give you what you want, I’ll be up-front, And I won’t play you babe cuz I don’t have the time
Burn Slow 08:26
Mommy? Mommy? Mother, mold me from your earth Cast me from your dirt I am your warrior We must burn Mother, lead us through your winds Underneath your rivers Your power runs through As we burn Slow Mother, leave us to your winds Dry like the desert Then throw us in the fire So we burn Slow Mommy? Your body’s obscured by the smoke Where are you? I can’t see you Come closer I want to feel you I want to touch you I want to hold you I want to fuck you I want to feel your fire


released April 6, 2018

All songs written by Marvin Astorga and Young Joon Kwak

Young Joon Kwak: Vox, Vocal Effects
Marvin Astorga: Programming, Guitar on "Death Rites", "Gentle", and "Pigs"
Additional programming on "Death Rites" by Mikale de Graff
Mastered by Lauren Bousfield

Special thanks: Mama Young/Commonwealth & Council, San Cha, Sara Gail, Micaela Tobin, Lauren Bousfield, Sophia Cara Dixon Frydman, La Disco Es Qultura, Jeffzilla, Travis D., Club sCum, Drew Arriola-Sands, Barak Zemer, Christopher Richmond, Edie Fake, & Mutant Salon Family.

Artwork: Femme Destruction (2018), Young Joon Kwak
Courtesy Commonweatlh & Council

In memory of Mark Aguhar & Virginia Aberle
Dedicated to our QTPOC Queens of the Night


all rights reserved



Xina Xurner Los Angeles, California

Marvin Astorga and Young Joon Kwak join forces as XINA XURNER, to bring you sadical and sexperimental industrial-noise-diva-dance anthems that ooze sex, death, and decay. Xina Xurner will make you sweat.

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